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Perspectives for polish medial robots - Zbigniew Nawrat

Perspective of polish medical robots. Zbigniew Nawrat - Cardiac Surgery Development Foundation

All futurological studies show that we enter a period of radical technology acceleration based on informatics and electronics, molecular biology and genetics and nanotechnology. There is appearing new generation of medical equipment. Medical telemanipulators market used in surgery is growing very rapidly.


Brilliant leader of the OSOZ for Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development

In a competition organized for several years LEADERS of the National Health Protection System, Cardiac Surgery Development Foundation received a special prize and the title of Brilliant Leader OSOZ, in recognition of his bold demarcation trends in medicine and of keeping pace to global research centers (through the construction of the first European cardiac surgery robot Robin Heart and project of virtual design operating room), as well as a comprehensive ability to connect theoretical assumptions of practice.


Vision RobinHeart Vision as a finalist of the Innovation of the Year 2008 contest

The Innovation Program of the Year has been resolved under the patronage of the Ministry of Regional Development, Center of Information Processing OPI and Information Centre FIRE. Our robot arm Robin Heart Vision has received the title of Competition Finalist of Innovation of the Year 2008.

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