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RobinHeart operated at a distance - teleoperation Katowice - Zabrze

Demonstration of teleoperation using, constructed in the Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development, Robin Heart robot has opened the annual conference on medical robots (10 December, 2010).
Remotely performed treatment was performed on the basis of electrocoagulation of pig hearts. Heart and Robin Heart Vision robot, with mounted an appropriate tool on the arm (thermal knife), were placed at the Center for Experimental Medicine in Katowice SUM. The control console Robin Heart Shell was at the headquarters of the Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development in Zabrze. Joanna liwa has sat behind the control console. She operated on the basis of endoscopic image from the track. The conference participants could observe the treatment of several camera shots in Zabrze and Katowice and directly from the robot control console.


"Organs straight from the factory" - interviwe with dr Zbigniew Nawrat PhD

In the May edition of National Geographic Magazine Poland appeared an extensive interview with Dr Zbigniew Nawrat titled "Organs straight from the factory."
In an interview, Dr. Nawrat talks about artificial organs, cardiac assist systems, including the Polish heart support assist system - POLVAD and about a family of medical robots RobinHeart.
Full article to download in PDF format (900Kb) : download an article


Experiment on animals using surghical RobinHeart robot

On the 17th of May 2010 animal experiment was carried out by surgical robots Robin Heart in Experimental Medicine Centre of Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. New type of robot Robin Heart mc2 was evaluated in conditions similar to.


RobinHeart on Economic Innovation and Research Fairs InTarg

The 5th INNOVATION ECONOMIC AND SCIENTIFIC INTARG FAIRS - Katowice 2010, were organized within the International Katowice Fairs by the Regional Center of Innovation and Silesian Provincial Technology and Rationalization Club in Katowice, 23th - 25th ??April this year were particularly successfull for our Foundation.


Teledemonstration of RobinHeart robot

Robin Heart robot show in Spain.

On October 24th 2009, thanks to the company Exatel works of robotic cardiac surgery participants could see Memeet conference in Spain. It was the first such teleconference. Project was initiated by the Spanish site interested in the Robin Heart robot project and cooperation with us for the specialized training of surgeons.

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